onethreeone was established in January 2013 as a medium to share my right of creative expression with likeminded individuals. with an attitude of simplicity in approach, I strive to challenge perspectives, to get amongst the moment and to test the boundaries of traditional theory. shoot it as you see it. surprise yourself. don’t get caught up on the technicalities or theory and simply get stuck in like the proverbial dog with a bone.I take pictures because I enjoy it. I strive for personal perfection in every shot without the need to be rewarded for it. I am by design my own worst critic.

I don’t care that I’m an amateur. in fact I embrace it. to be an amateur is often met with negative connotations. I’d challenge that notion. to be described in this way simply means to do something for the love of it without thought for fame, prestige or indeed reward.

what’s my style? I’d never suggest I have a defined style. if I do, it’s more by luck than judgment. I always shoot raw and try not to over process. keep it simple and appreciate the experience for what it is. if I had to pick I’d always shoot 35mm monochrome. it doesn’t get purer than that.

if you like what you see, don’t be shy. I’d encourage you to buy it for yourself. as a postcard, framed maybe or even as a giant sodding poster. whatever flicks your switch.

I’m presenting my images to simply fuel my increasing addiction to this past-time, not to become the next robert capa. I’m happy as a pig in muck salivating over my next superfast f1.4 prime.

I hope you enjoy looking as much as I did doing.