SHOP 131

there’s something to be said for the appreciation of good artwork.  if there’s something you like, I’d encourage you to dust the cobwebs off the wallet and make that purchase. you won’t regret it. besides, it helps fund my ever growing addiction to this past time and avoid the rather awkward moment when my wife catches me salivating over a potential new carbon fibre tripod or super-fast prime!

saying all that, if you’re looking to hang it on your wall, it has to be done right.


thanks to the kind folks at RedBubble, this can easily be achieved.  produced from only the finest materials, and with a range of available formats from postcards to a high quality framed prints,  there’s sure to be something to suit your style and budget.

there’s really no better way to enhance a stunning photograph than with well considered frame. We’re happier than a squirrel with a bag of nuts at the way they look.  if that still doesn’t float your boat, then get it purchased and frame it yourself.  too easy!

go nuts.